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At the Harlow Law Firm in Grenada, we have been providing clients in North Central Mississippi with legal services for more than 20 years. If you have been charged with a crime in the Grenada area, our criminal defense attorneys will explain your options to you and fight to protect your rights.

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Criminal Defense in Grenada, Mississippi

At the Harlow Law Firm, we take your rights seriously and strive to protect them. Our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys provide representation for:

  • Possession of marijuana and other drugs
  • Drug trafficking
  • Assault/battery
  • Theft
  • Traffic violations
  • Sex crimes

Whether you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor offense, we will protect your interests in the courtroom. We work with experts and criminal investigators to build a solid defense against your charges. The prosecution is already working with the police to develop their case. It is crucial that you have a competent Grenada defense lawyer in your corner to overcome their case.

Representation for Juvenile Crimes in North Central Mississippi

In Mississippi, juvenile crimes are crimes committed by individuals, age 17 or younger (a minor). It is difficult to see your child, relative or close friend go through the criminal court system alone. That is why our juvenile criminal defense lawyers provide vigorous representation to minors who have been charged with all types of crimes.

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